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Access control provides protection for people, property and data against unwanted violations. Intelligent products are used to provide the desired level of control. Nobel Security can work with you to set up a security concept that is in line with you expectations and requirements. We provide a complete solution, either by combining our products or by working with our partners, meaning that we can offer an expansive range of solutions. Below you will find a selection of products dedicated to managing access control. There are of course other concievable solutions such as biometry and mechanical solutions.


  • 1 acces, 10.000 users, 50 codes, 2454 events
  • 64 time zones
  • 2 readers/ keypads
  • 4 inputs (door monitoring, RTE, sabotage, voltage control)
  • 1 alarm output and 2 relays
  • 1 for door control, 1 for start/stop function
  • TCP/IP and modem connection
  • metal case with 2A power supply
  • Dimensions: 232 x 320 x 80mm

PROXIMITY READER (available in different sizes)

  • PVC avaible in beige or charcoazl grey
  • standard version
  • 3 leds for indication: red, yellow and green
  • buzzer
  • interior and exterior installation possible


  • client/ serversoftware
  • capacity: 10.000 users
  • 200 accesses through the communication port
  • site-manager: remote sites via a modem or TCP/IP
  • multilingual: English, Dutch and French
  • up to 5 clients simultaneously
  • communication with ACU via RS485, TCP/IP and modem
  • integrated intrusion detection