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By using the appropriate detectors the following problems can be detected: break-ins, theft, fire, sabotage, flooding, significant changes in temperature, loss of power, problems on telephone lines, and various types of technical faults.

Assistance can easily be requested for any potential problem using detailed SMS sent over an analog line. If your chosen interface is an IP module, communication is performed over the internet. Separate GSM modules for notification via GPRS is also possible.

Insurance companies often recommend using dual notification systems (back-up system) for high-risk customers.

Alarms are hosted and processed using specialized cameras. Companies such as Securitas Alert Service have the appropriate skills and training to analyse the different calls and transfer tem to the suitable persons or departments.

Overview of a few quality producs from our range:

  Smoke generators are used to rapidly fill a room with smoke so that intruder's visibility is reduced to less than one meter Here is an example on YouTube: Smoke Genrators
  This is a configuration panel, recently developed by Honeywell, with enhanced user-friendliness. It provides system information that is easier to read and more comprehensive. In addition, the user guide is available on the screen. However, it should be noted that this installation in only compatible with a GD-48 series central system.
  An Ethernet module with a TCP/IP protocol is used to send or download and/or generate a report for the monitoring centre. Use: Galaxy XL/G2/G3 and Dimension. Connection on RS-485 port (cable not provided).
  Smaller Hybrid alarmsystems as from 12 zones (ex for private houses) Expandable models up to 520 zones ( for Small & Medium Organizations and Industrie)