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King Nobel was the king and the “ Knightly” protector of the wildlife.

Alfred Nobel was engineer,chemist and innovator.

At Nobel Security we unite these two qualities. We provide our residential and industrial customers a sense of security and peace of mind by offering innovative security solutions. Ranging from alarm systems to vdieo surveillance, fire protection and access control.

Because we always consult closely with the client, we always come to conclusive concepts and solutions. And once the system is installed, we continue to monitor the customer.

After-sales service (24h/7d) we find as important as the sale itself. It is all about the safety and peace of mind of people which should not be treated lightly.

Safety = Quality of Life!

Marc Motmans
General Manager

Bert Habets
Project leader 



Security advisor

Regional Representative Antwerp


Our achievements and flexibility are partly thanks to our partners:

Management of alarm systems remotely
Slagbomen, tourniquets & poortautomatisatie